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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Since being back in the UK, I have revelled in being able to watch television. Before I went to France, I hadn't realised how much I 'watch' TV (watch in inverted commas because more often than not it's just on in the background while I do other things) but being there without one is surprisingly dull! Even if I did have a TV, I'm told French TV is disappointingly average - apart from the universal charm of programmes such as The Simpsons and Friends, they have none of the high-quality daytime entertainment or prime-time dramas that British TV does so well. I have, therefore, learnt to appreciate the 'watchability' of British TV; bearable even when "there's nothing on".

Adverts in particular seem to get more innovative and clever every day, and I thought a couple of them deserved a mention (not because they are particularly clever in this case, but because I think they're really cute!) The first is an advert for Velvet toilet paper, which has a baby in a suit as the director of the company (the face being computer edited to appear to talk) and he is SO cute! "The wheels on the bus go hmm...hmm...hmm......"
The other advert I love is an advert for Whiskas cat food (I suppose the adverts must also be effective since I remember the products they're trying to push!) - Fred the Bedhead. One camera angle all the way through, and simply shots of a big, fluffy ginger cat sleeping on the bed in various positions, while the VO (done by a young boy) says things like "This is Fred. Fred sleeps on my bed." It ends with a Whiskas logo, and the slogan 'Be Happy." - so simple, but so effective if you love cats :)

Ramble over, I have to get on with packing today - trying to condense my stuff into a suitcase and a laptop bag is going to be interesting...


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