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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Back in France

Apologies for the lack of postings of late - getting to a computer with the net for long enough has been surprisingly tricky since I came back to France! Also apologies to Kel, who tried to comment - I think it should be working now!

I got back to my little room in Nanterre late on Thursday night, so spent Friday organising, unpacking, going to the supermarket, etc. etc. On saturday I invited myself over to Miguel's place (him being the only person I knew to be still in Paris!) and he subsequently invited me to a Mexican dinner party they were having - Mexican meaning basically Fajitas and Tequila! I finally got to meet his flatmates: Melanie (from the States) and her boyfriend Victor who is known as a pseudo-roommate since he is there every weekend, and Sam (female) who is French. I also met various friends-and-relations of said housemates, and the next-door neighbours (two young women, one French one Aussie). Bonus of the evening - the French girl from next door looked shocked when I told her I was an English assistant, asked me where I came from, and exclaimed that she would have thought I was French if I hadn't told her because my accent was so good! (cue Lia grinning and feeling smug) I left around 11 in order to get the metro and train home, just after Victor and Sam's boyfriend had downed half each of the tequila 'worm' (which looked something like a small white caterpillar or one of the bugs from those reality TV jungle programmes...) in a shot! Made me feel quite queasy...

Sunday my cold got worse (yes, I know, poor me, but I can't seem to get rid of it) so I did very little other than some work on an essay for uni, and watching DVDs :) very relaxing and theraputic, doing nothing! In fact, since then my principle achievements have been reading lots, finishing my essay and finishing the cross-stitch bookmark I got for Christmas! (Of Winnie the Pooh, and it is now serving its purpose marking my page in Wicked) Yesterday I went on a shopping trip, mainly to buy a new rucksack as my old one is falling apart and rather grubby, which I did, but I also bought the DVD of Elizabeth (I remembered that some of the costumes I came across doing my work experience at Angels the Costumiers when I was 15 were in that film, although when I watched it I didn't spot them) and a very nice stripy black and white jumper.
I need the rucksack as I am planning to go and visit my friend Sara in Lyon this weekend - we lived in a tiny caravan together for month during my Vacation Residence in 2004, and she's studying down there this year. Since I have very little to do with myself otherwise, I thought I'd go on a jaunt! Julia (who came back from Germany on Monday, bringing with her a present of Winnie the Pooh sweets to add to my growing collection of confectionary) may also be coming, as she has some friends there, so maybe we can get the train and see some sights together. If not, Sara has promised to be my unofficial tour guide!

Today I wanted to go into Paris for a bit, but oversleeping plus very cold weather (the weather forecast on the screens at the train station yesterday said it would snow, but it hasn't yet) put me off; I did, however manage to make it to Nanterre to go to the library. I ran into Elena on my way back, which was nice as I didn't know she was back from her holidays, and I'm going to have tea with her tomorrow evening and show her my photos from the ball etc. I'm also going out to lunch with Lessy at her uni (bargainous food from the student canteen a bonus) so I will do my bit of sightseeing tomorrow afternoon if it's not too horribly cold, and maybe buy my train tickets too.

My dad now has a blog, if anyone's interested - krissbuddle.blogspot.com !
He sent me an email yesterday telling me about the press launch of Spamalot at the Palace (it opens in October) with pictures - very exciting!

Anyway, I've run out of interesting things to talk about - for those who are interested my fridge is still freezing anything which is more than 50% water (including grated carrot, fruit juice and soup) but my heating isn't currently on, so at least my room isn't sweltering at the moment!
More soon, hopefully with news of Lyon and maybe even some pictures (gasp!)
L xx


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