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Friday, March 03, 2006

An eventful few days...

Hello! I know I haven't blogged for a bit but, for once, I've been busy out and about and haven't had chance to get on the net!

Sunday in Lyon was very pleasant, but also very cold, so we did the Roman amphitheatres and Basilique as quickly as possible without missing anything, then headed back to the warm aparment armed with eggs and bread for lunch. We spent the afternoon playing with the computers, transferring music, photos etc (amazing how much faffing around on a computer you can find to do when you're idle, although I think my dad is more of an expert at that than I am :p !!) and we went out to the very lovely Italian restaurant in the evening. Unfortunately my spaghetti corbonara didn't quit agree with me, and my body decided to get rid of it at 5 in the morning! Yuck. But anyway, I was ok by morning.

The other interesting (and slightly stressful) thing that happened on Sunday was that Heather phoned me to let me know that Honk! had been accepted for the National Student Drama Festival in Scarborough! Very exciting, as it was one of I think 10 shows out of around 96 that got picked. After a big 'virtual' meeting on msn late that night, it emerged that there were various issues to overcome, not least of which was money, and finding out who could do it. Anyway, after a few days and a lot of hard work by the team back at uni (who are all brilliant and I'm sorry I wasn't there to help with the stress) it transpired that we really didn't have enough of the original cast to do it, and we decided that if it wasn't going to be the same show and it wasn't going to be of the same standard then we couldn't put it back together in such a short time, for everybody's sakes. A difficult decision, but nonetheless I am very proud of everyone and pleased that we got in in the first place!!

On monday I travelled back to Paris and went to the cinema in the evening to see Brokeback mountain, which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend to anyone who hasn't seen it - although be warned, it's sad :( Lessy invited me out for coffee at a place called Wash Bar on Tuesday, a clever concept where you buy a drink and you can then use the washing machines for free (like a launderette but much cooler) but when we got there we discovered it no longer existed! Rubbish! We went for lunch at the Sorbonne restaurant instead, though, which was cool, and spent the afternoon chilling out at Lessy's apartment and deciding spontaneously to make pancakes! Mmmm...pancakes...

Wednesday I went shopping (to buy Lessy a birthday present, but also to buy things for me) and bought lots of nice things in H&M, then went out for Lessy's birthday in the evening which was lovely - Abby was over from England, and Dan and Sam and Des were there, all of whom I haven't seen for ages. We went to a really rustic-y restaurant in Montmartre called Chartier, which according to Abby's dad is where all the coachmen used to go for dinner after they had dropped the aristocrats off at the chateaux for their parties etc! Very down-to-earth, and very good value for money! We went on to a bar for a drink, afterwards, too. Yesterday I went to visit Miguel and we bought tickets to go to see a ballet on Sunday at the Théatre Musicale in Chatelet - there's a German ballet company performing to some of Bach's cello suites, so it should be really good! Plus the lady was really nice as she sold us cheap tickets but encouraged us to move when we got there as there are bound to be free seats with a better view :) In the afternoon I went to see Lessy and Abby and we watched Scrubs and My Name is Earl - v relaxing and nice. Oh, and we played with facebook quite a lot - it's annoyingly addictive...

Today I have done nothing productive at all, except pick up my recorded delivery letter which was from Antony - he sent me a cute card, a framed picture of us at the Music Centre Ball (yay! it's reeeeally nice) and a CD of pictures that he's taken at Skool Days etc. Thanks gorgeous! I have nothing exciting planned for tomorrow - washing and planning some lessons for next week I think will be necessary - then after the ballet on Sunday it's pretty much work work work... until I go to Malc and Elaine's next weekend (for which I really must book train tickets...) This evening I am going to eat soup, look at Antony's pictures, watch a film of some description and sleeeeeeeeep - I'm tired, think I might be coming down with another cold (bleugh).

A bientôt, L xx


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