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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Poorly Lia...

After a lovely anniversary on Sunday with Antony (champagne on the London Eye - picture on left!) I've come up to Coventry to spend a bit more time with him until tomorrow, but have had a horrible, horrible cold since last night so am feeling a bit sorry for myself :( Was supposed to have lunch with Jerzy on campus today, but didn't want to give said cold to him as he has a big gig at the weekend, so instead am installed on the sofa in Antony's living room with tv, lots of water, tissues, blanket and internet! May have gone a bit stir-crazy by this afternoon, but for the moment it's not too bad. Hopefully I'll be ok to go home tomorrow, after which it will be Easter and I plan to have dinner with Mark (Saturday), see Tim Connor (who I haven't seen since January) and see the Musical of Musicals the Musical (!) - possibly with aforementioned Tim if he's up for it and hasn't seen it already (which is fairly likely!!) Oh, and eat lots of chocolate to celebrate Easter :)


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