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Monday, May 15, 2006

I know, I'm rubbish...

I'm sorry I haven't written anything for so long and you've all given up on me (!) but I've finally got round to writing a little catch-up, as Antony is checking his emails and I can't play the Sims on his computer!
So - I've been doing all sorts of things since last time I wrote - once I'd recovered from my horrid cold (which got worse before it got better, I had a fever and everything!) I spent an afternoon in London with Tim, went to see 'The Musical of Musicals, The Musical!' twice, and then went on holiday with Antony to Tunisia for a week! This is a photo of us on our camel ride in the Sahara --->
We also went to El Djem to see a Roman colosseum, to Matmata to see the troglodite caves and the scenery on which they filmed Star Wars, to the Atlas Mountains to see the natural springs and on a horse-and-carriage ride through a desert oasis! When we weren't trekking round the country we were in our lovely hotel, swimming, sunbathing and enjoying the yummy food :)

Since we got back, I've packed up my stuff in London and moved to Coventry, into Antony and Hywel's house in Earlsdon, so that I can take advantage of campus and work at the Arts Centre. I've been helping Antony decorate his (our!) room this week, painting and tidying, which was good fun, and I stewarded at the Arts Centre on Friday for comedian Dylan Moran, which was excellent :D He's a very funny guy and I'm a big fan of his, so I felt very lucky to be able to see his show for free!

I'll write some more soon when I'm in a more eloquent mood - right now i'm tired so it's bedtime!
L xx


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