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Monday, June 26, 2006

WSAF fun + end of term weirdness...

Apologies in advance - this is going to be a long, rambling entry!

So after the crazy weather, during the week that followed it that is, I was helping prepare for WSAF - Warwick Student Arts Festival. This mostly involved painting things - I managed to get a nice stripe of sunburn across my lower back from kneeling on the floor painting the WSAF logo on some gazebos! It was all good fun, though, and we made some banners to go on the piazza, too.

The arts festival kicked off on the Sunday, and ran through til Thursday, when it finished with a huge outdoor Gala concert (with fireworks!) for which I was a Head Steward - I got a radio and everything! :-) During the week I was a Volunteer which meant I was doing jobs as diverse as weighting down the aforementioned banners (so they didn't flap around too much in the high winds we had all week), gaffa-taping down cables, putting up banners, moving chairs, running up to the office and back, stewarding events in the arts centre and outside, handing out programmes, and even flashing the lights on the piazza stage in time with the music! I was constantly busy and exhausted at the end of every day but absolutely in my element - if I could do it for a living, I would! There were also some really good events - my personal favourites included the ceilidh (dancing and folk music - great fun!), 'Replica X' (a collaboration between a rock band and Symphony Orchestra), 'Songs for a New World' (a musical) and, of course, the HUGE gala concert, featuring loads of music ensembles.
www.wsaf.org.uk - have a look at some of the pictures!!

On Friday I went to the WSAF barbeque to celebrate the end of the week - and it suddenly dawned on me as I was about to leave that it's the end of the year and a lot of my friends are graduating, and leaving! :-( Luckily I'm stewarding for the graduation ceremonies, so I'll get to see them graduate, but it still feels very odd - some of the people whose company I most enjoy and who have been here ever since I started uni won't be around any more. Of course it happened to some extent last year, too, but as I was in France I didn't feel the absence of people so keenly as I think I will this year (and some people haven't left the area at all - naming no names Chris Allen :p )

To sum up, the last week of term was fantastic and everything feels a bit weird now that it's over. I guess after graduations I'll have to get me another job...
L xx


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