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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Following a complaint

I have had a complaint that I am neglecting my blog, so I shall attempt to rectify the situation by writing a new post, although there really isn't much to tell!
After a thoroughly un-productive day on Tuesday, I decided to do something with my Wednesday, so I got up early with Antony and went onto campus to go swimming. I did 20 lengths, which was OK since I haven't swum for a while (I used to do 30). I then walked to Tesco's to get some things for the evening - I made a stir-fry for supper, and Antony's colleague Kate (hi Kate!) came round with her baby, Jacob, for tea, so I made muffins in the afternoon.
Although I cheated with the actual baking bit (I got a kit so all I had to do was add water and an egg, pretty foolproof), I did something inventive with them once they were baked and had cooled. I cut the tops out (as though I was making fairy cakes) and filled the gaps with raspberries and whipped cream (whipped by hand, I might add!). This was very successful, and the raspberries seemed to go well with the caramel fudge muffins and the cream. Yummy!
Jacob was a bit grumpy - hungry, mostly - but still gorgeous! Hywel, Antony and I said we could be amused for hours just watching him! He's about 10 weeks old I think Kate said, so still quite tiny; imagine how fascinating he'll be when he's older!
Today I are be mostly doin' - not a lot. I'm working at the Arts Centre this evening, so during the day I'll carry on looking for (other) jobs, do my washing up from last night, put some laundry on...etc etc, all those sorts of exciting things one does during the day with Daytime TV on in the background... I'll probably do some reading and note-taking too, actually, I'm in the mood for some studying. How nice to have enough time to choose when to study according to my mood - I'm sure next year I'll be wishing I was this unoccupied!!


  • Mmmm those muffins were delicious. I can only apologise for my sorry attempt at baking... what can I say? Muffins aren't my forte - hehehe. Hope you enjoyed Friday night too. See you again soon :-)

    By Anonymous Kate, at 8:49 PM  

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