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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Promised pictures...

I realised I've been promising to put photos up for a while, so here is a selection:
Me and Antony on the Eiffel Tower

This is a view of the Atlas Mountains in Tunisia:

This is Tom and Kieron playing/singing at the open mic night at The Spice of Life pub:
My last day at work in Paris: L-R Dina, me, Catherine (teacher), Miguel (behind), Fabienne (teacher, in red), another teacher whose name escapes me, Jean-Michel (teacher), Veronique (teacher) and Gillian.
At the pub on my birthday: Miguel, Dina's friend whose name I didn't catch, Gillian, Anna's boyfriend, Anna, Paz and Elena.
Sally and Neil: (also at pub on my birthday)


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