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Monday, May 22, 2006

The Phone Saga

So on Friday, having discovered my 3 contract runs out in June, I decided I would order the phone I have been lusting after for a while now, on a new contract with a different phone company - I've had so many problems with 3 that it was time for a change. Plus, it gives me a month to make sure everyone has my new number, programme my numbers in, etc etc. No problem, ordered the phone online, they sent me an email saying it was all ok and would arrive on Saturday before 1pm. Great!
So Friday night I went out with Antony and some of his colleagues for a meal at Frankie & Benny's, which was really nice - I'd met Kate before, obviously, but I'd only met Linda and Stuart very briefly to say hi at lunch once, and I'd never met Charlotte, so I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, but I really enjoyed myself! Lots of fun, and very pleasant company :)

Then on Saturday morning I waited until 1pm for my phone, and it didn't arrive. So, no problem, I thought - I'll phone T-mobile and find out whether I should wait or whether it's coming on Monday instead. So, after the usual "press 1 for blablabla" for a while and holding, I got through to a woman. I explained what had happened and she said ok, she would put me through to the relevant department. Ok, fine. So I held, and held...eventually spoke to a guy, who had no information from the previous operator, so I had to explain my situation to him, too. He looked it up on 'the system', and after a long pause told me the information from Royal Mail said it had been delivered to my address and signed for.
"Well, no it hasn't" I said. He said what may have happened is that, although they're not supposed to, Royal Mail may have delivered it to a neighbour if they couldn't get an answer at my address. "But I've been here waiting for it all morning" I said. "Oh, I wasn't blaming you, I understand that" he said (he was a nice man, i felt sorry for him), "but it's probably worth checking with your neighbours. We won't be able to find out who signed for it until Monday or Tuesday when it comes through on the electronic system". Ok, I thought, fine, I'll phone on Monday. I thought technology was supposed to make this sort of thing quicker, not take 2-3 days to find out what's going on...

So my lovely new phone had potentially been stolen (either by Royal Mail or someone else) and was being used! Argh! However, after all that, the doorbell rang at ten to 9 this morning, and my phone arrived. ?!?!?!?! How stupid. AND I signed for it on a piece of paper, the old-fashioned way, not on an electronic thingy. Bizarre...

Apart from waiting around for my phone, I didn't do much over the weekend. I laughed at Eurovision, played the Sims, made Cottage Pie for supper yesterday, and generally relaxed after the trauma of no-new-phone! I will have a new number to give to everyone, but my old one doesn't run out for a bit so you'll all get it in due course (when I've worked out how to use the phone!!)


  • So the mystery is solved :-)

    Silly modern technology!


    By Anonymous Kel, at 10:30 AM  

  • So what's the new phone? And are you now on "Flext"? Which rate? You leave out too much info!! :o)
    BTW I've deleted my blog - just couldn't be bothered any more!

    By Blogger Kriss, at 11:50 AM  

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