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Monday, July 24, 2006

A late-night quickie

[ <-- Chris standing on a step at Tesco.]

Hello all, just a bit of an update from London (it's still a bit hot for sleeping and I'm not quite tired enough yet!)

Well, I'm sitting in bed; my bed, not the bed in the spare room or Tom's bed (which I was in last night) but my bed - mum and dad having impressively cleared out my room while I was out today! It was still full of stuff from when the kitchen was done and I was away in France, and I think me coming down and filling the spare room with guests was a good excuse to finally clear it all out. Most of it is sitting in the hallway waiting for me to either decide where to put it or throw it away, but it's a good start! Sneaker is sitting with me, desperately trying to climb into my lap (but that wouldn't be practical as the laptop is already in it) and licking my arm... strange cat!

I travelled down to London yesterday with Dan and Chris - we had a couple of false starts due to unforseen weather conditions, though! The thunderstorm was so heavy and storm-y that we ended up sitting at the guys' house drinking tea for an hour until it calmed down enough to drive in! So that was interesting. Dan thought it might be an omen about Chèlinot, but I'm sure it's not...
We then had lots of fun singing at the top of our lungs to various musicals songs all the way down the motorway :-) (I can hear Owen's voice in my head saying "Bloody Thesps"... but it was fun!) We settled in nicely, and had a very nice evening drinking wine, eating mum's excellent chilli and watching camp, so-rubbish-it's-brilliant television.

Today, after a quick trip to Tesco, Dan had to go into the theatre to say hi to everyone and help out with the get-in, etc, so Chris and I went into town with him and dropped him off before heading to the Tate Modern to have a look at some crazy sculptures and pictures. It was very interesting - I usually claim to dislike modern art but when I go to a modern art museum I always find things I really like - my favourite piece was by an artist who's deaf who had collected lots of bits of paper, on which people had written their half of a conversation when they didn't know how to sign. The things that were written, being out of context, often seemed really odd, and it was just fascinating seeing all the different styles of handwriting, and trying to work out what on earth the conversations were about from the scraps that were there!
After the Tate (and having a little drink and a sit-down) Chris and I went back past the theatre to tell Dan we were going somewhere else, and went to Leicester Square for a quick look at the Wyndhams and the Noel Coward theatres (where Sunday in the Park with George and Avenue Q are playing, respectively) then on to the Montagu Pike bar on Charing Cross road for a few drinks and some food, before we came home and watched Top Gear and some highlights of an old video of Sweeney Todd that I have! (Can you tell we're all musicals Geeks, in varying degrees?!!)

Antony seems to have had a very productive day without me - he's put up shelves, bought a chair, tarted up his CV, done a load of washing; all sorts! I'll have to go away more often...! It's a bit strange him not being here - I haven't spent any time away from him really for a few months, now; but in a way it's also quite refreshing, and I'm always sociable and busy here so it's going quickly :)
Right, definitely bedtime, more soon - probably on the shows we've been to see! If anyone's in London and wants to see a decent fringe new musical, come and see Chèlinot at the Union Theatre (Southwark) - it opens on Wednesday! (Shameless plug!)


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