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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summary... (Summery? Geddit?)

Crikey, it's hot! Apparently today the weather might get so hot it breaks some records...wow! I'm going swimming.
Anyway, I'll stop talking about the weather like any average British person, and start off by apologising for a huge lack of blogs recently - my only excuse is that I've been a busy busy bee!

The most exciting news is that I'm going to Edinburgh festival! I had 'applied' to Heather to be a 'production assistant' (ie Stage manager, marketing assistant, props, lighting op, steward, general dogsbody!) for a production of Putting it Together (a review of Sondheim songs) some time ago, and she rang me up on the day before I started working for Antony to ask if I still wanted to do it. So I went to see a preview run of the show that evening (which was very good, particularly as not everyone was off book and it's not quite at performance stage yet!) and am currently in the process of organising stuff and trying to find props. I'm going up on the 8th of August and coming back on the 30th - all very exciting!

In other news, I had a very successful week working for Antony - I did lots of computer inputting and filing, both for him and for some of his colleagues when I finished all the things he needed doing! I'm too efficient, apparently :p
Last week I worked at the Arts Centre all day every day for the graduation ceremonies, which although tiring and hard work was also great fun, and I saw so many people I know graduating! It did make me a bit sad, since they'll all be out in the big wide world now, but there are still plenty of my friends around next year, so it'll be ok! The evenings are always the best part of Graduations week - we went out for curry, had a stewards' picnic and went dancing in the union! The picture is all the stewards who came to the picnic (plus our manager Elena!)

This week I'm relaxing and doing some reading (and, as I said, going swimming today!) and preparing to go to London for around a week, starting on Saturday when Dan and Chris are giving me a lift. They're coming to stay at my house for a few days - Dan wrote the book for a new musical that's premier-ing in London (called Chèlinot) so he's going down to be around for the opening and schmooze, and hopefully we'll all go and see some other shows while we're there :) I particularly want to see Sunday in the Park with George, as Chris showed me a DVD of the Mandy Patinkin/Bernadette Peters cast on Saturday (I went round for dinner, drinks and musical-watching!) and I really enjoyed it!

Right, I'm off to tidy up and get ready to go out. Hope to see some of you when I'm in London :-)
L xxx


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