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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Trains suck...

So Chris tried to go home this evening, from London to Leamington. Sounds like a fairly easy journey by train - apparently not this weekend. He has since come back here... here follows his rant about what happened;

Lia tells me her Gran reads this, so I'm not allowed to swear. Therefore, I have decided to substitute expletives with the names of seventies, eighties and nineties rock and pop divas. Long and boring story short, I asked t'internet how to get home and it told me to go from Paddington>Reading>Leamington. Simple enough, however the Cyndi Laupering connecting train to Reading was late and so I missed the last Bonnie Tyler train to Birmingham. Cue me returning to east London on a night when only about 5 tube lines were working. About £30 all told - to get a numb arse and bored Alison Moyet-less - might as well have gone to see one of the more West-End shows. The railways are a big steaming heap of Donna Summer.

Poor Chris isn't very happy - a picture will illustrate this:

Apart from that, the week has been both fantastic and rubbish; My purse went missing on Sunday night somewhere between the pub and getting home, so Monday and Tuesday were spent sorting out replacing my debit card (after changing my address so they had my current one rather than my old Leamington one...), reporting the purse and all its contents lost to the police, etc. Grrr. This is my angry/upset/grumpy old woman/in need of senekot face:

However, Most of the rest of the week has been GREAT because we have seen the following shows (with comments in brackets):

  • Sunday in the Park with George - Wyndhams Theatre (AMAZING - we cried like little gay boys with skinned knees - if you see one show in your whole life, see this!!!)
  • Guys and Dolls - Piccadilly Theatre (fun and a nice trip down memory lane since Chris, Dan and I were all in it two years ago)
  • Chèlinot - Union Theatre (the world premiere of Dan and Mike's new musical - very very good)
  • Avenue Q - Noel Coward Theatre (Chris and Dan only since I saw it in June - we're all obsessed with it anyway - it's awesome!)
  • The Producers - Theatre Royal, Drury Lane (Fabulous fun, extremely silly, and with the wonderful Reese Shearsmith as Bloom - he's great!!)

So much in fun in one week, we nearly exploded! Plus during the day we've been seeing friends for lunches, and watching rubbish TV channels such as Price Drop TV (and pretending to be presenters on it!) and drinking copious amounts of wine in the evenings, which sometimes result in antics such as these:

It's all been very silly and good fun :)
L xx (and Chris xx)


  • Sorry Mum - what ever happened to your little boy....

    By Anonymous Chris (the black & white minstrel), at 1:22 AM  

  • The picture of Chris looks scarily like this...(the guy on the right!!)



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  • Why thank you Mr Snubble...

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