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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Grrrr...want my debit card!

Hmm. My new debit card still hasn't arrived - but I suppose it was only ordered on Thursday, and five working days in bank-speak from Thursday is Wednesday, therefore I expect it tomorrow. If it doesn't arrive tomorrow I shall get very cross and upset and phone them and shout at them. So there.

I really have nothing to report - I have been sorting out all the stuff that was pulled out of my room last weekend, and throwing most of it away; which, although boring, was quite productive and pleasing.

Today I am doing not much (not having enough cash to go out for any length of time or shopping) before heading in to the Noel Coward theatre, where a friend of Dad's is going to give me a backstage tour of Avenue Q!!! *bounces up and down in excitement* (Chris and Dan are green with jealousy :p )
L xx


  • Damn you Buddle!! The puppets were cool and the boys operating them were hot!!!

    By Anonymous Chris, at 7:21 PM  

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