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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Home again, home again

I have returned from Edinburgh! I am now back in London, and being very lazy indeed at home :)
I've actually had quite a busy time since I got back - socially, at least! On Thursday I went for dinner with Jerzy, who I haven't seen in a long time, so that was very nice - we went to Bella Italia and drank lots of nice wine and liqueur coffees. On Friday I went into town and kept Catherine company at work - she's covering the stage door at the Palace for a few hours each day - which was fab, and we're hopefully going to go and see a show together next weekend; then in the evening I went next door to see Amy and had chinese for supper with her and the rest of the Smith clan :)

The weekend was equally full of engagements - on Saturday night I went over to Elly's house (her student house, which I haven't been to until now) in Finchley for dinner with her, Amy and Haben, plus Elly's housemates Jade and Abby. We did a lot of reminiscing about college days (as usual when we meet up!) which was really nice, and we had some very nice Ben and Jerry's ice-cream... in fact, we ate 2 tubs between the 6 of us! :-s We rounded off the evening by watching the now infamous video made by Duncan at Elly's 2002-3 New Year's Eve fancy dress party...hysterical! (Some great quotes from Mark, in particular, such as "Elly! Elly - if I was drunk, and I was swimming, I would drown.")
On Sunday I went to a garden party with mum and dad at Simon and Judith's house in Buckinghamshire - family friends a-plenty, and lots of people mum and dad hadn't seen for years, which was lovely. I also got chatting to our friend Roger Martin about a charity he's on the board of trustees for, called East Side, which is an arts and education charity which works with children of all ages in London, with the aim of helping young people experience the arts and kind of fill in the gaps between the National Curriculum and the arts. They try to encourage further learning and skills through the projects, too, it's all really interesting - have a look at their website www.eastside.org.uk - Roger was talking about the type of people they employ and I'd really love to get involved after my degree, especially as they've started expanding their projects to France!

Since Sunday, however, I've done very little indeed! A bit of ironing for mum, a bit of tidying my room, bits and pieces... Today mum's cousin (well, mum's cousin's daughter!) Stephanie arrived from Canada - she's staying with us while she sorts out somewhere to live as she's doing a postgraduate acting course at LAMDA this year. I also went to the post office and the bank and to tescos, where I accidentally bought a very nice pair of green combat trousers and the compulsory weekly dose of trash that is Heat magazine!

I'm going up to my new palace of a flat in Leamington (double bed...wireless internet...dishwasher...!) on the 17th, I hope, so that I can settle in and sort everything out before uni starts on the 2nd of October... until then, I'm bumming around in London! I'm trying to read some books and things for my course, though, which is productive, and as I said helping mum with the ironing!
On the Antony front, he and I are talking, and it seems we can be friendly, which is very good. I'll see him when I go up to Leamington and pick up the rest of my stuff from his and hywel's house, which he's kindly storing for me! It's still a bit strange not being together, but I suppose after 2 and a half years it's bound to be a bit odd! My lovely friends are looking after me, though, and I think his are doing the same for him :)

More soon - gros bisous,
L xx


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