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Saturday, December 23, 2006

I am rubbish at blogging...

I know, I've been useless! I'm at home for the xmas holidays, and have been since the 10th of December, but as I'm working at the theatre to earn myself some money instead of relaxing, I've been quite busy! What with all the parties, and catching up with all my friends who are here, and fitting in some uni work in-between I just haven't found the time!

People have been complaining about not being able to find my email address, so just to make sure everyone can get hold of it, it's l.j.buddle@warwick.ac.uk - and if, for some reason, that doesn't work, try kettlechild@hotmail.com.

Once Christmas is over I'll hopefully be able to write a big update - should be fun, though, I get christmas eve off for once as it's a Sunday (yay!) so I'm going to the St Pauls carol service in the afternoon, then to visit Nanny, and then to the Smiths' annual drinks - then the usual trip to Oxford on Christmas day to spend it with mum's side of the family :)

Season's greetings to all and I hope everyone has a fantastic festive season!
Lots of love,
L xx


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