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Friday, September 15, 2006

2 days to go...

There are 2 days until i'll be back in Leamington! Unfortunately, as well as being an exciting realisation, this means I have also realised I haven't packed. I may well be out tomorrow, and I leave around midday on Sunday, so it's panic time!

I haven't packed anything yet because I've been out seeing even more lovely London people; As I mentioned before, I went to Catherine's house to visit her kittens, which was extremely exciting because a) she appears to live in Hogwarts (Well, Bancroft school but it's not far off - all red brick and creeping ivy and wizardy-looking little gardens and courtyards) and b) the kittens are soooo cute! They are both black and white, in sort of splodges, and are brother and sister called Mungo and Maggie (the names of the Notts County Magpies, I believe...). Mungo is very curious and playful, and quite friendly, although not very bright. Maggie, on the other hand, is the brains of the outfit, and got the looks too, but she's a bit shy of strangers. We had lots of fun playing with them, and having a good chat about all sorts of things. I also went to the bank on Tuesday, to extend my overdraft (which should get extended automatically on a student account but never has been) and had to hang around for about an hour! The woman I was talking to went to sort it out and just disappeared! Grrr...they did sort it out in the end though, so I was able to pay my rent and deposit for the flat in Leamington, and I've got a set of keys through the post! Yay!

On Wednesday night Elly came over to Amy's house next door and we had a pizza/ice-cream/donuts/maltesers evening, and watched Finding Nemo because neither of them had seen it! I felt this had to be rectified as soon as possible. Amy and I then walked Elly back to the tube station and it poured with rain, so we got a bit wet!! There have been some amazing storms here the past few evenings - lots of really bright lightning and rumbling thunder, quite spectacular! Not the best idea to go outside in one, though :-S

Yesterday I went into town to meet up with Heather to sort out all the receipts from Edinburgh (Heather was the producer of the show I worked on, so she's in charge of the money) and have coffee and a general chat. We also popped in to the Palace to see dad, and he showed us around the set of Spamalot as it is now - I've seen it a couple of times since I've been back, and it's nearly finished now, so it was exciting to see how it will look for the show. There are two enormous castle turrets instead of a pros. arch, which give a strange sort of perspective to the whole stage, because the tops are so much wider than the bottoms! Sort of reverse perspective, as it were. They were programming some lights while we were there, which looked very exciting, and then we walked around backstage to have a look at all the bits of set, it's really really clever! I won't give away any secrets, though - you'll all have to go and see it instead! It opens on the 30th, I hope I can get down to see it.
Chris (Peake) and Rob also came to have coffee with us later on, as Heather had to give Chris a form for their flat, so it was nice to be able to see them before I go back to the madness of uni!

So now I have lots to do today - there's the washing, ironing and packing of clothes that needs to start now, and I have to buy a double duvet for my new bed (from somewhere...!), then I also have to make sure Ella is picking up some stuff of Tom's that she's taking down when she goes to visit him tomorrow, and I have to make sure I've worked out what to take with me on Sunday and what mum's going to bring up next weekend in the car... plus because she's not here this weekend I have to leave her a list of what she's bringing, and a shopping list for tesco's! (Aren't mums great?! :-D )

Right, looking at that I'd better get on with it! Bye for now...
L xx


  • I'm hoping to be able to get to see Spamalot when it opens - I'm totally obsessed with the CD you did for me!!

    By Anonymous Juicy, at 12:17 PM  

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