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Monday, September 11, 2006

Books, Films, Gigs and Shows

I've had a fairly quiet week since I last wrote anything, although the things I have been doing have been very enjoyable! :-)

First of all I ordered lots of books on Amazon for my Shakespeare module this coming year (we have to have specific editions, because we can take them in to one of our exams, so that everyone has the same text), so I've had lots of exciting new things to read!
On Thursday Steph and I decided not to sit in the house for yet another evening, so we went to the cinema - the only thing we even vaguely fancied seeing was 'Snakes on a Plane'! It was, as I predicted, awful, but very enjoyable! So bad, that it was good, although a bit gory in places!
Friday was Tom's band (Three Second Delay - www.threesecondelay.co.uk )'s first ever proper gig at the Loaded Dog pub on Leytonstone High Rd - they were amazing! Really well rehearsed, and they had lots of support too. Lots of fun, and Elly, Steph, Amy and David all came along too so it was nice to hang out with them.

On Saturday I had arranged to go and see the matinee of Avenue Q (yes, again!) with my friend Catherine, but unfortunately she had to cancel, so at the last minute I invited Pete down to come with me, and he came! We had a really nice day wandering around London, we had coffee with Heather, and the show was amazing, despite it being the second time that I'd seen it!
I had a very lazy Sunday, watching tv with Tom and Ella in the morning, and then mum and dad packed up the car and took Tom off to uni for the first time! It was a bit sad, but he seems to be having loads of fun already, so that's good. I was home alone, so I just had a very relaxing day doing nothing! Today I went to Angel and had coffee with Alex, which was very nice as we didn't get to see each other much in Edinburgh since we were both so busy, and tomorrow morning I am going to Catherine's house to meet her kittens! I'm very excited :)

This week should be quite a sociable one, so I'll write more soon,
love L xx


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