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Monday, April 23, 2007

Crikey, facebook really does take over your life...

I am blaming my lack of blogging entirely on facebook (www.facebook.com) which has taken over my methods of contacting people, writing notes, quizzes etc... I apologise!

So today is the first day of my final term at University (probably EVER - that's a scary concept!); it is also my official birthday! (like the Queen y'know... I'm having a Warwick birthday since my real one was during the Easter holidays and everyone was at home) I'm having a fancy dress party on campus tonight with the theme of characters from films - pictures to follow hopefully!

Other than that I'm in the murky depths of essay-writing (assessed essays for 3 of my modules...eek!) and also attempting some revision. My exams run from the 22nd of May to the 2nd of June, after which I'm finished for the summer!! Very exciting (most people's exams don't even start until I've finished mine!) - I'm so looking forward to being able to read whatever I like!!

I've applied for a job at C venues to work at the Edinburgh Fringe festival over the summer - having been there with a show last year I'd love to go again (but can't really afford it unless I have a job!) so hopefully I'll be able to work AND see some shows! After that my plans are currently a little hazy... more updates to come!

The only extra-curricular project I'm currently involved in (after the madness of last term when I was working on three shows simultaneously...) is 'Bat Boy' the musical - a dark comedy about...well, the clue is in the title. It's great fun, and runs just after I've handed in my essays but before my exams (from the 16th - 19th May) which is perfect! I'm choreographing, which isn't too strenuous, either, and the cast and team are all great! (Luvvies, sweeties, dahlings) - Check out www.batboy-musical.com :)

Please excuse a lack of future blogging while I revise and get through the end of my final term and decide what to do with my life...hehe! I promise I'll blog more regularly after that. Honest.

Love, Lxx


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